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1st former council members
Name Position Affiliation Email
Young Min Chair School of Media & Communication ymin@korea.ac.kr
Young-Shin Sung Vice Chair Department of Psychology ysung@korea.ac.kr
Jeehyeong Khim Vice Chair Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering hyeong@korea.ac.kr
Sunhyuk Kim Faculty Member Division of Convergence Business Global Business bandit75@korea.ac.kr
Eunice J. Y. Kim Faculty Member Department of Architecture inscape@korea.ac.kr
Chai-Youn Kim Faculty Member Department of Psychology chaikim@korea.ac.kr
Aegyung Noh Faculty Member Department of English Language Education aegyung@korea.ac.kr
Geun-Hee Seol Faculty Member College of Nursing ghseol@korea.ac.kr
Ji-Young Shin Faculty Member Department of Korean Language and Literature shinjy@korea.ac.kr
Tae-Woong Yoon Faculty Member School of Electrical Engineering twy@korea.ac.kr
Bora Lee Faculty Member Department of Education boralee117@korea.ac.kr
Sung-Ho Lee Faculty Member College of Medicine sholeemd@korea.ac.kr
Hee-Deung Park Ex-officio member Dean, Office of Planning & Budget heedeung@korea.ac.kr
Seung-Hwan Jung Ex-officio member Dean, Office of Academic Affairs jsh619@korea.ac.kr
Jae-Jin Kim Ex-officio member Dean, Office of Student Affairs jae-jinkim@korea.ac.kr