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Chair’s Message

Young Min

Thank you for visiting Korea University’s Diversity Council website. The Council was established as a presidential advisory body in January 2019 to protect and promote diversity at Korea University. The Council aims to develop indicators and conduct related research to understand the diversity status of the university and propose policies to improve education and organizational culture.

Numerous criteria that define one’s identities and life experiences, such as gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, socioeconomic conditions, physical conditions and so on, inevitably create ‘diversity’ within the community. It is the value of diversity that seeks to sublimate differences into recognition, inclusion, cooperation and harmony, opposing any forms of discrimination and exclusion.

The open experience of diversity will serve as a strong foundation for a harmonious community that operates based upon the culture of mutual respect and fair rules. Collaboration among diverse members may be a source of creative and enterprising ideas that not only create new values, but also drive the sustainable innovation of the community. Many universities around the world have already set up diversity organizations to expand diversity at the educational, research, and organizational level. Diversity values are not only the spirit of our times, but also the basic capacity of individuals to possess. Diversity values are also the very key indicator that shows how healthy and sustainable a community is.

By respecting and embracing the diverse identities and lifestyles of our university members, the Diversity Council aims to build a more just and democratic community while helping Korea University take a leap forward into a creative and innovative global university. Thank you.

Young Min
Chair, Korea University Diversity Council