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Chair’s Message

Thank you for visiting Korea University’s Diversity Council website.


It has been three years since the Diversity Council was established as a presidential advisory body in 2019 to protect and promote diversity at Korea University.


At university, many individuals with various backgrounds, thoughts, and interests learn and study together. Therefore, diversity is a natural characteristic of universities. It would rather be unnatural if the number of members with different innate characteristics or socio-cultural backgrounds varies greatly in proportion, or if different views and opinions are not heard and respected.


Diversity is also a core value of universities preparing for the future society. According to several studies, the more various members a group has, the more creative and innovative ideas are developed in it. Furthermore, university policies to promote diversity are said to have a positive effect on the intellectual growth, satisfaction, and leadership of students.


Korea University’s Diversity Council has developed KUDI, an indicator to understand the diversity status of the university, and published the annual report. The Council has also proposed policies to develop diversity awareness and sensitivity among members through education and to create an organizational culture where diversity is respected. By continuing to make these efforts steadily, the Diversity Council aims to build a more diverse Korea University, which would thereby become more natural and dynamic, and contribute to society. We look forward to your opinions and participation.


Thank you.


Chai-Youn Kim
Chair, Korea University Diversity Council