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September ~ December 2017

Seven female faculty members organized a research form on ‘Education for Gender Sensitivity’ and began to assess the current condition of gender sensitivity on campus and related issues through student meetings and special lectures by some experts.

March 2018 ~ February 2019

Nine female and two male faculty members from various departments constituted an interdisciplinary research group and launched a joint research project on the ‘Development of Educational Programs for Cultivating Gender Sensitivity.’ They attended to issues about various minority groups and identities beyond gender, and all agreed that diversity-related sensitivity and competence is the core virtue and value for the future society. After reviewing an ample amount of domestic and international cases, they concluded that it is necessary to establish a diversity council at the university level as an organization that would protect and promote diversity.

October 2018

Proposal for launching the Diversity Council was presented to the president and dean of the Office of Academic Affairs.

November 2018

The Diversity Council proposal was submitted to the university headquarters.

November ~ December 2018

Proposal was finally approved.

January 2019

The Diversity Council was launched as a presidential advisory body. The chair and members for the first-term council were appointed.

March 2019

Opened the Diversity Council office and started its official activities.