Hamonious Diversity(English)


- Table of Contents -


   Shades of Individuality, and Togetherness

   Chai-Youn Kim Chair of Korea University Diversity Council


   A World Where We Can Live as We Are

   Ji-yeong Min Radio PD

   #Thinking How is Prejudice Formed?

   Stereotype Only Gets Worse with Accuracy

   Tae-kyun Hur Professor (Korea University)

   Envisioning Algorithms of Diversity

   Haerin Shin Professor (Korea University)

   #Seeing A Story for All

   LGBTQIA Portrayed by the Media

   Ji-hoon Park Professor (Korea University)

   The Different Perspectives in Films

   Dae-hyun Lee Film Critic

   #Speaking Borderline Discriminatory Language

   The Most Habitual and Subtle Discrimination in the Korean Language

   Ji-young Shin Professor (Korea University)

   Typography and Diversity

   Jiwon Yu Chief (Institute of Typography & Culture)

   #Learning Diverse Perspectives Over Deeper Knowledge

   Building a Learning Environment That Respects Diversity

   Bo-ra Lee Professor (Korea University)

   Dualistic Implications of Diversity in Korean Education

   Dae-won Jeon Teacher (Seongnam Girls’ High School)

   #Working Innovation for All is Possible

   Why Do Science and Technology Need More Women?

   So-yeon Leem Professor (Dong-A University)

   Questioning the Lack of Diversity

   Seok-won Yoon CEO (Testworks)


   Moving a Mountain One Stone at a Time

   Tae-woong Yoon Professor (Korea University)

   About the Author