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Diversity at Glance

The 2019 Status of the Demographic Composition Diversity at Korea University






Percentage of females by constituent group




Percentage of the population with disabilities by constituent group



Percentage of foreigners by constituent group



Percentage of non-KU undergraduate alumni faculty & staff



※ Note: This analysis is based on the first half of 2019 and only for the members who are expected to have at least two years of organizational experience (full-time professors, general staff and undergraduate & graduate students).
For more information regarding the status of diversity, please refer to the <2019 Korea University Diversity Report>. (http://diversity.korea.edu/diverse_en/research/report.do?mode=view&articleNo=151936&article.offset=0&articleLimit=10&totalNoticeYn=N&totalBoardNo=)
Contact: ☎ 02-3290-5041~2, diversity@korea.ac.kr