We are looking for ‘2021 Change Makers’

who are going to explore and spread the diversity issues within Korea University

What does diversity mean to you? Join us as a Change Maker, who can explore diversity issues and contribute to creating more diverse Korea University through your participation and activities.


If you are unfamiliar with the value of diversity, then this will be an opportunity to learn about it, and if you are already familiar with it, try to express your opinion on it. If you want to take action on the value of diversity and engage in the policy proposal activity that will change Korea University, apply for right now!



  The Program and its Key Activities

 - Composed of the value of diversity training program and activities that plan

   and execute autonomous activities to spread the value of diversity

 - Step 1: Basic and advanced learning through lectures, discussions, self-learning

  and workshops for Change Makers to grow into true leaders in diverse society

 - Step 2: Exploring diversity issues in each one’s life and society and finding out

   main issues through Change Makers autonomous activities

 - Step 3: Experiencing a social spread of the value of diversity by planning and

   developing Change Makers’ own policy proposals and sharing activities

   The training programs and activities for Change Makers selected by this

    program are run by Jinri Program Scholarship of Korea University Seoul Campus

    and Program Scholarship of Korea University Sejong Campus.

   Click the link below, if you want to check out the activities of 2020 Change Makers